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Halal City Mart is an ideal solution for professional sellers interested in reaching a broad and motivated customer base.

Who We’re Looking For…
We’re building the best marketplace in Taiwan’s E-commerce industry, starting with companies that really know their stuff:

Customer-Centric Companies that Understand the Value of Their Customers
Industry-Leading Internet Retailers & Wholesalers.
Traditional Bricks & Mortar Retailers Competing Against Big Online Vendors
Highly Seasoned & Trend-Setting Marketplace Sellers
Seasonal Sellers
Companies that Understand Competitive Pricing and Merchandising (or need help doing so)
Quality Manufacturers/Distributors with Customer Support Capabilities
Overseas Companies Looking To Bring Their New Halal Products to the Taiwanese Market

Customer Satisfaction

Halal City Mart is obsessed with total customer satisfaction! We go the extra mile to ensure customers are happy with their entire shopping experience and it shows in our online and customer satisfaction ratings. We’re looking for sellers who strive for that same level of excellence and who demonstrate it with every sale they make. Responses to all customer service inquiries must be made within one business day.

Please be advised that in the event a customer is dissatisfied with his/her Halal City Mart Marketplace transaction, Halal City Mart reserves the right to make discretionary concessions to resolve the matter and seek reimbursement from the seller, depending on the transaction.


Halal City Mart is known for its speedy order processing and shipping–we ship 100% of our orders within 96 business hours. As a condition of selling on Halal City Mart, our sellers are also expected to ship products within 24 business hours of order confirmation. Halal City Mart systems will automatically void orders if tracking numbers are not uploaded within that timeframe. For companies that cannot guarantee this time frame.


Halal City Mart standard return policy offers our customers a 7-day refund or replacement period. Halal City Mart expects and requires sellers to maintain similar policies to meet our customers’ expectations.

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