Garden Rose Home Stay

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台東花園玫瑰民宿位於台東市,是十分受到旅客歡迎的訂房選擇。 這家2星級飯店離機場僅有6.6 km的路程,交通方便。 住宿位置優越讓旅客前往市區內的熱門景點變得方便快捷。

在這家舒適的台東縣住宿中享受尊貴的服務與設施。 住宿的主要設施有停車場, 機場接送, 餐廳, 單車出租。

您將能真切地感受到台東花園玫瑰民宿的特有的氛圍,它體現在每一間精心規劃的客房中。完善的貼心設施與服務隨處可見,如:平面電視, 免費WiFi, 禁菸房, 空調, 書桌, 住宿的娛樂設施相當齊全,包括花園。 不管您是來台東縣出差還是旅行,台東花園玫瑰民宿都能讓您在留宿期間擁有一段難忘的回憶。

Located in Taitung, Garden Rose Home stay is a popular booking option for travelers. This 2-star hotel is just 6.6 km from the airport and is conveniently located. The location of the accommodation makes it easy and quick for travelers to visit popular attractions in the city.

Enjoy the services and amenities of this cosy Tatuong County accommodation. The main facilities of the accommodation are car park, airport transfer, restaurant, bicycle rental.

You will be able to truly feel the unique atmosphere of the Rose Garden Home stay in Taitung, which is reflected in every well-planned room. Perfect amenities and services can be found everywhere, such as: flat-screen TV, free WiFi, non-smoking rooms, air conditioning, desk, accommodation and entertainment facilities are quite complete, including garden. Whether you're coming to Taitung City for business or traveling, Taitung Garden Rose Home stay will make your stay an unforgettable memory.